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I'm inspired by the little details that make every day beautiful. My shooting style is vintage inspired, casual, and romantic. My aim is to tell your story through photography using unique angles, a laid back shooting style, and creative processing. I'm based out of Newport News, but I love to travel:)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


So…there are some pretty huge changes coming soon :) One of those is to this blog! After this, I will no longer be posting updates and new stuff to photographybykate.blogspot.com…instead all of my latest work and misadventures will be up on a new site that’s currently under construction. I’m also going to be changing my name to Katie Nesbitt Photography. Photography by Kate was a temporary name I created for myself while I was still engaged. I’d always intended to become Katie Nesbitt Photography after the wedding. Now that I’m married, I’m excited to rebrand myself using my new name!

Some other things to get excited about: Handmade, DIY packaging I’m working on myself! I’m incorporating a lot of the items I really loved from my own wedding…like these burlap flowers designed after the one I wore in my hair on my wedding day. I’m really REALLY excited about this stuff…I love working on projects, making things, and seeing my ideas come to life so I can’t wait to share these things with everyone! Also, I’m working on getting a client proofing system together. In the future, all of my packages will offer a proofing gallery of all images for you to view and purchase online. These are awesome for friends and family!

So for now, here’s a preview of the packaging I’m putting together…And please make sure you check my Facebook page for my latest work til my new site launches!

See you on the flip side!



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Steffie and Mike - Engaged

Steffie and Mike are an adorable couple I have been lucky enough to photograph on two different occasions now. They are so much fun to be around that working with them doesn’t even feel like work…it’s like hanging out with a couple of friends. I can’t wait to shoot their Yorktown wedding this August!

Here are some of my favorites from their Easter Sunday session J








Tara + Dave - Married! | Newport News Park Wedding Photographer

Tara and Dave got married Easter weekend in a sweet ceremony at the Newport News Park Japanese Peace Garden. Tara LOVES Japanese culture so it was really fitting that they could get married at such a neat little spot. If you’ve never been to the Japanese PeaceGarden, check it out!

I have always enjoyed working with The SHAWS (!!!) because they’re both so freaking photogenic. Tara’s poses are on point! I don’t have to give them much direction at all…they’re just naturals!

Congratulations guys!











My younger sister and I are only 20 months apart so it almost goes without saying that we were super close growing up. Though we grew out of matching haircuts and similar outfits, we’ve never outgrown each other. She’s still one of the best friends I ever had. This past March she joined the Army and left for basic training at Fort Jackson South Carolina. I missed her. So. Much. If you are a friend, co-worker, or even random acquaintance of mine, well you probably already feel like you know her too!

Time went by faster than I thought it would…after all, I was busy working full time, shooting 3 engagement sessions, my first wedding, oh and planning my own wedding! Before I even had a chance to slow down and take a breath, it was already time to road trip down to South Carolina.

It was so exciting to see her…we’d missed her for months…She was in BCT all spring. She missed my bridal shower and bachelorette party and somehow got out of dress fittings and folding and gluing invitations. She missed the family schnauzer become the biggest loser (she lost ten pounds). See, my family is so close knit…we’ve never been apart more than a week or so. And none of us really adapt to change very well so we took it hard. Seeing Kacie again was so exciting and unreal. I was so relieved she was okay and thankful she was safe. And even more than just seeing her, it was incredibly emotional and moving to see so 1300 diverse people take the step from ordinary citizen to American soldiers.

Kacie: (if you read this…which you SHOULD) good job dude J see you in San Antonio!






Monday, May 30, 2011

New Posts Coming Soon!

I've definitely been slacking in the post department lately...but in my defense, I got married last Saturday! Woo hoo!

I have a wedding, bridal shoot, engagement session, and some personal stuff to share here pretty soon, so stay tuned!

Hope you're enjoying the holiday weekend! I know I am :) There may be smores on my agenda today...hehe

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Christina + Jason | Norfolk Engagement Photos

I met Christina in Norfolk a while back after she emailed me about photography. Immediately, I could tell she would be lots of fun to work with. We talked about photography for about ten minutes or so, then spent an hour chatting about weddings and random things. She's so easy to get along with and such a fun person to be around! Christina's fiance` Jason has just as enjoyable a personality. They have such good chemistry together and it's so easy to see the love they share. I'm sooo excited to share these photos. They made photography effortless!

And don't let me forget to mention Luke, Christina's son! He was shy at first, but warmed up and was soon modeling like a pro :)

Congratulations on your engagement guys!









Tara - Preview | Newport News Bridal Portraits

This past weekend I took some bridal portraits of my beautiful friend, Tara. You may remember Tara and her fiance` Dave from this post a little while ago. I'm soooo excited to share the images from her shoot...but you'll have to wait until after the 23rd to see those:) Wouldn't want to spoil the surprise for Dave!

This particular preview features a hair flower I sewed for Tara out of chiffon and the engagement ring Dave lovingly chose for his bride.


Stay tuned for a later post featuring the beautiful bride herself!